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Monthly average nutrient concentrations from 5 long term monitoring sites

Please consult the report The Scottish Coastal Observatory 1997-2013 Part 2: Description of Scotland’s Coastal Waters. doi:10.7489/1881-1 for full details on methods.
Columns in this dataset are:
Year: The year of observation
Month: The month for which a value is presented
Decimal_Year: Decimal year to the first of every month - useful for quick plotting of data
Figure Reference: Identification of the Figure in which data are presented in the report for the Scottish Coastal Observatory.
Site: The name of the coastal monitoring site.Please also consult resource called "Location of monitoring and reporting sites around Scotland" for information on location.
Depth layer: The depth layer or range at which measurements were made
Measurement: The type of measurement reported
Measurement shoert Name: Short names for nutrient measurements - makes it easier to filter data
Measurement value - MicroMolar: Concentration of the given nutrient measurement - all reported in microMolar


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